Tattoo Apprenticeship (Redux)

20 January 2016

For the next two years I will be apprenticing with Jay Rill at The Inkwell Tattoo & Body Piercing. I’m so excited to join the crew at the Inkwell and pick all these guys’ brains about tattoos, piercings & ALL THE THINGS! My first apprenticeship was a great experience and introduction to the industry, but I’m really grateful for this opportunity to go back over some foundations, and continue to study and learn in a more structured setting. Can’t wait to take a deeper dive into what can be done in this incredible medium!

If you’re interested in getting tattooed by me, please drop by the shop to talk about your piece and make an appointment, or feel free to email me at! The Inkwell is open Tuesday through Saturday from 1-9 pm at 851 Street Road in Southampton, PA.

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