News For the New Year

22 January 2012

1*    Despite mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions, I have made a few:

  • Floss
  • Be Ready
  • “Open Up Your Heart”
That being said, I have some mocking and sharing to do, see below.
2*    I think Damian Hirst is some bullshit, and personally wish Gagosian would show some more Alexander Calder sculptures (like they did in 2010) instead of his dumbass paintings.

photo credit: artistmuse

If you would like to share in laughing at him and his lameness, check out this ah-may-zingly amusing commentary on him by Hennesy Youngman:

3*    Now for something positive, albeit not-so-new: Rashaad Newsome is making some super-inspiring video art dealing with hip hop iconography as heraldry. Check out this story on him in the New York Times, and DON’T MISS his mixtape!

photo credit: Rashaad Newsome, still from Swag: The Mixtape






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