Curatorial: Fur Trade Exhibit

5 March 2013

Glad to be back to work on another contract exhibit project with Carbon County Museum in Rawlins, WY. This project is close to my heart: having just left my post as curator at CCM last month to move to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, I’m thrilled to have the chance to see through this research, begun while I was still at the museum full time.

I had a fabulous experience at the National Fur Trade Symposium in Pinedale, WY last October (morning session smelling of schrub and bonfire? hell yeah!), where new friends from the Mountain Man Association and the familiar faces of the Wyoming museum community were especially welcoming. Plus, as the theme of that event celebrated the bi-centennial of the Astorians, completing this interpretation in western Washington really feels like coming full circle. If you’re interested in reading up about mountain men & the fur trade, in Carbon County or generally, check out my bibliography!

Here’s my favorite of the panels I’ve built and written interpretation for on this project so far. The painting is by Alfred Jacob Miller, a nineteenth century documentarian of the fur trade lifestyle and costume :

Grease, Guts & Grit: The Fur Trade in Carbon County, 2013, curation, graphic design and historic interpretation, 48x12"

Grease, Guts & Grit: The Fur Trade in Carbon County, 2013, graphic design and historic interpretation, 24×18″


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