EVIL DEAD WEEKEND at Mahoning Drive-In Theater

17 September 2018


So fun meeting other fans and creatives like this charming & talented duo! Also, I still have some of these screen printed Necronomicon tanks and tee shirts available… Get ’em while the gettin’s good!

Had an awesome time hanging with my friends at Mahoning Drive-In Theater for Evil Dead Weekend. All three films on 35mm?? Two nights in a row? Yes please!

I took a bunch of merch up there with me this year, here’s a sneak peek of some of what I have available now. Hoping to get my etsy shop back up and running with all this and more by the holidays. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and stopped by to say hi or pick up a poster or print (or one of my new favorite things: handmade lapel pins!). Bittersweet to say we sold out of the first print run of the poster I painted for this event, so for now these bad boys are no longer available. I’m open to doing a reprint though, so drop me a line if you’d be interested in getting in on a preorder.

So many thanks to my buds at Mahoning for hosting me again, I always have a great time working with you guys and revisiting your magical domain! See you next year!

Travel: Mahoning Drive-In Theater, Sept. 14-15

3 September 2018

My buddies at Mahoning Drive-In Theater hooked me up this year, and I got to design the poster for EVIL DEAD WEEKEND! Watercolor and mixed media. I’ll be up in Lehighton all weekend again for the event, and this year I’ll be bringing limited edition t-shirts and tanks, as well as prints and handmade lapel pins!

Poster Design Commission, 2018

Denver Tattoo Arts Convention

5 July 2018

It was good for my soul to be back in Colorado over my birthday last week, and beyond my wildest imaginings to kick off the trip working my first convention, the Denver Tattoo Arts Convention! From the moment I got the nudge to do this show, through the actual convention weekend I had such an incredible experience of support from the universe and the people in my life; things just came together, and it was humbling in a such a momentous way for me to go into my first traveling tattoo experience fully booked for the weekend!

It was an honor and a pleasure to work alongside a group of Philly’s super-talented lady artists: Alexandra Fische, Gianna Phillips, and Meagan Bohrer. Thank you all so much for hosting me so graciously! I had a fantastic time getting to hang out doing what I love with some of my favorite clients who I don’t get to see that often. Thanks to everyone who came to Denver to see me for all the love and support!

Pictured, I’m working on one of my favorite people and clients for the first time in almost 3 years! Always so good to be back together. <3

Travel Dates: Denver June 22-24

3 June 2018

I am so excited to be working my first tattoo convention at the Villain Arts Denver Convention, June 22-24! Contact me if you’re going to be in the area and want to get some work done!

Many thanks to Alexandra Fische & the lady crew from Philadelphia Tattoo Collective for hosting me, so excited to work my first convention with you. <3

CAVEWOMEN 7″ Release

30 October 2017

Designed this poster for CAVEWOMEN’s record release show at Ortlieb’s on November 2. It’s a 7-inch release of their track Mummies, with an 8-bit remix on the B-side! Couldn’t be more fitting for a Day of the Dead show. Philly favs The Whips & Primitive Finks will be opening.

Actually hung some of these up around the city this week, which felt like a fun memory of a past life, and as always I can’t wait for the live show. Give ’em some love on insta if you’re not already, and for fuck’s sake if you’re in philly, come out and see them live, these two never disappoint!








Travel: Mahoning Drive-In Theater, August 4-5

30 July 2017

Here’s a poster I painted for my pals over at Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton. This place is pure magic and I’ll be up there all weekend auctioning off my original art for Universal Monster Mash! Hope to see you there.


Tattoo Apprenticeship (Redux)

20 January 2016

For the next two years I will be apprenticing with Jay Rill at The Inkwell Tattoo & Body Piercing. I’m so excited to join the crew at the Inkwell and pick all these guys’ brains about tattoos, piercings & ALL THE THINGS! My first apprenticeship was a great experience and introduction to the industry, but I’m really grateful for this opportunity to go back over some foundations, and continue to study and learn in a more structured setting. Can’t wait to take a deeper dive into what can be done in this incredible medium!

If you’re interested in getting tattooed by me, please drop by the shop to talk about your piece and make an appointment, or feel free to email me at stacy@stacyfevinger.com! The Inkwell is open Tuesday through Saturday from 1-9 pm at 851 Street Road in Southampton, PA.

Curated Vintage Fabrics on Etsy!

30 June 2015

I have a great selection of vintage 20th Century fabrics on my etsy shop right now. There are some unique & super cool prints… get ’em while they last!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.36.00 PM

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Shop: Hawkbeak Talon on Etsy

2 November 2014

I’ve opened an Etsy shop, Hawkbeak Talon. This is really done at long last (I’ve recently found years-old notes in my sketchbooks aimed at accomplishing just this feat), so I’m glad to finally have an introductory line of stationery items and downloads available for you there.Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.35.39 AM

Curatorial: Fur Trade Exhibit

5 March 2013

Glad to be back to work on another contract exhibit project with Carbon County Museum in Rawlins, WY. This project is close to my heart: having just left my post as curator at CCM last month to move to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, I’m thrilled to have the chance to see through this research, begun while I was still at the museum full time.

I had a fabulous experience at the National Fur Trade Symposium in Pinedale, WY last October (morning session smelling of schrub and bonfire? hell yeah!), where new friends from the Mountain Man Association and the familiar faces of the Wyoming museum community were especially welcoming. Plus, as the theme of that event celebrated the bi-centennial of the Astorians, completing this interpretation in western Washington really feels like coming full circle. If you’re interested in reading up about mountain men & the fur trade, in Carbon County or generally, check out my bibliography!

Here’s my favorite of the panels I’ve built and written interpretation for on this project so far. The painting is by Alfred Jacob Miller, a nineteenth century documentarian of the fur trade lifestyle and costume :

Grease, Guts & Grit: The Fur Trade in Carbon County, 2013, curation, graphic design and historic interpretation, 48x12"

Grease, Guts & Grit: The Fur Trade in Carbon County, 2013, graphic design and historic interpretation, 24×18″


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12 November 2012

I’ve been exploring personal style, fashion trends, mythic tattoos & more on Pinterest, with some interesting results (see my fav: Rica’s SWT<3)!

Check out my boards at www.pinterest.com/HawkbeakTalon

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Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam…

10 October 2012

Call for Entries: Carbon County, WY Landscape Photography

If anyone out there from Wyoming is checking in on my website, you may be interested in this prospectus for an exhibition opportunity at Carbon County Museum, where I am the curator. Stop by and say hello all winter, Tuesday through Saturdays from 1-5.

Photograph, Carbon, WY by Lauren Hunley


14 February 2012

glitter heart


On the topic, I just can’t get enough of these Historic Portrait Valentines by Ben Kling. Here is one to love, from his website:

News For the New Year

22 January 2012

1*    Despite mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions, I have made a few:

  • Floss
  • Be Ready
  • “Open Up Your Heart”
That being said, I have some mocking and sharing to do, see below.
2*    I think Damian Hirst is some bullshit, and personally wish Gagosian would show some more Alexander Calder sculptures (like they did in 2010) instead of his dumbass paintings.

photo credit: artistmuse

If you would like to share in laughing at him and his lameness, check out this ah-may-zingly amusing commentary on him by Hennesy Youngman:

3*    Now for something positive, albeit not-so-new: Rashaad Newsome is making some super-inspiring video art dealing with hip hop iconography as heraldry. Check out this story on him in the New York Times, and DON’T MISS his mixtape!

photo credit: Rashaad Newsome, still from Swag: The Mixtape