I’m a tattoo artist, illustrator and designer with 20 years of professional art experience. My work draws on a background in printmaking, and finds subject matter in my passions for nature and the occult. Important joys and fascinations in my life come from: cold water swimming, astrology and tarot, wilderness hiking, observing plants and flowers, metaphysics and spiritual study, gathering firewood, and trying to stay worthy of the best title I’ve ever been given, “intrepid wanderer.”  

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Some Thoughts on Tattoos

The tattoos I make range in style from intricate blackwork naturalism to American Traditional. Meticulous attention to linework and composition based on anatomical placement are nonnegotiable hallmarks of my approach.

The intrinsically ceremonial nature of this media touches on innate human impulses, courting our contradictory desire to both identify with and distinguish ourselves from others. I love that this process is simultaneously intimate and violent, meditative but physically disruptive, common yet transformational.

It is an honor to accompany my clients across the threshold of new self-identities via the boundary of their physical bodies. Providing a nourishing, relaxed client experience is a valued part of my practice. In every session I strive to transmit the imagery of my clients’ visions through a focused procedure that is safe and professional, while at the same time maintaining awareness of the sanctity and ritual of transformative work. I use 100% disposable pre-sterilized instruments, vegan inks and single-use ink caps.

I am currently licensed by the City of Philadelphia and maintain Bloodborne Pathogens certification through the American Red Cross.